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Who we are

I started Trendzmerch in October 2017 after working in the financial sector for over 12 years. I grew up with a mother who had the effortless stylish fashion sense. It does make sense that the two areas that fascinates me the most are of course fashion and finance, which I jokingly refer to as my 2Fs. I love the ability to put outfits and accessories together that usually folks won’t dream off and it looks great. I love accessories so creating Trendzmerch was a pure love and enjoy because I got to curate pieces that are modern, classic and trendy. I believe that great looks shouldn’t be super expensive. The vision for Trendzmerch is to be a statement fashion accessories destination for men and women with varying  fashion self-expression be it fresh, modern sensibility, classic, trendy and shows playful sophistication. Our main goal is having pieces that are affordable.

Welcome to Trendzmerch !!! Enjoy our amazing pieces......